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Boiling down your essence into a couple of paragraphs is (for me at least) quite a difficult task. To make my job a bit easier, I will convert this section into a FAQ. I will update it regularly with the external inputs given by all of you, along with some stuff that I think is fun or otherwise interesting to know. You can also download my CV with the button below for a more serious approach to getting to know my background. I'll try to avoid overlap between the FAQ and my CV so, if you need to know something regarding my experience or job skills, the CV is the place to look.

What did you study and why?

I am a geek and a math nerd at heart that loves to learn new things. That's why, after finishing my bachelor's in Actuarial Sciences, I immediately sought to pursue a master's in Data Science to satisfy that techie hunger.

What are all these strange game development posts?

I'm also a gamer, which the observant might have discovered from some of my blog posts. An old dream of mine is to create a whole game from scratch, but it is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, to generate a bit of motivation (and pressure), I will be posting some game development updates here along with the other entries.

Why did you decide to study in Finland?

Firstly, I have always lived in Mexico which is, as you might've guessed, generally hot. I wanted a complete shift in that, so I started looking for something a bit far into the northern hemisphere.

Secondly, something about the direct, no-nonsense culture that the nordic countries have really resonated with me. The way they cut through the red tape to have the biggest impact on the lives of everyday people (which is their main focus most of the time) is really inspiring.

Finally, the exemplary reputation that Finland has for education. This is something that I got to experience first-hand and am really thankful for. The university really wants students to learn and provides a myriad of different choices on how to complete each of the courses. It really makes you feel like their focus is on learning rather than on grades.

Just as a bonus, and as a pet peeve of mine, I want to commend the university's webpage. It is one of the few sites from top universities that seems to have put some real thought into design and UX. I won't say names, but a lot of universities have sites that seem to have been made a couple of decades ago, which is not only alarming but makes navigating them and getting the relevant info way more difficult than it needs to be.